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Monday, August 8, 2005


The Dominating Twins: Quality Ragnarok Online Guild website is now finally online! Right now, the only sections available are the Guild Member list and the message board, but guild member accounts will be enabled in the near future. Guild members are recommended to check, sign up and post on the message board.

Also, for the Guild Member list, I am currently looking for character pictures from each guild member. To help out, I would like each guild member to get a screenshot of their character selection screen and send an e-mail with the screenshot attachment. this can be done by pressing the "PrtScn" button on the keyboard. Basically, I need to get a picture that looks like this: Guild Member Character. If each guild member can do this, it would be great.

Monday, August 15, 2005


Updated the Guild Member list and added member photos for several guild members.

Saturday, August 20, 2005


The Quality RO server has recently changed to a different, faster server, so a new qRO patch is required to play on the new server. The patch can be found here:

Be sure to place this file in your main RO installation folder. Thanks to phyxius for bringing this to my attention.

Sunday, August 21, 2005


Individual member pages have now been put up for the guild members that have submitted a photo. Unfortunately, there has been difficulty in implementing the database, so that feature will be delayed for the time being. Just a reminder, to all other guild members, please send in your character photos so that I can create individual member pages for you.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Many changes have been made to the website. First of all, all images have been reduced in size. As a result, pages should load much faster now, especially the Guild Members page. The website layout has also been slightly altered. The Home page will now display upcoming events and the latest game and website updates. The former Home page greeting has now been moved to a separate About page. The Registration page is now up, but due to difficulties with the database implementation, registration is currently disabled. An Update Archives page has been set up, where older updates will be placed in the future.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


A new War of Emperium event has been added, along with meeting times and locations.

Monday, August 29, 2005


Tonight's Dead Branch Party went well, as a couple of guild members were able to show up for the event. We were able to summon several MVPs today, which include: 3 Amon Ras and 2 Mistresses.

Because only a few Guild Members showed up for Saturday and Monday's events, we highly encourage fellow members to attend such events; otherwise, we may never be able to achieve our main goal: gaining ourselves a castle!


In other non-related qRO updates, we at the Dominating Twins guild offer our condolences to the victims that have suffered under the wrath of the Hurricane Katrina.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Our Guild Leader, KillerSmo, has finally found a bride and is getting married! The wedding ceremony is planned to be held on Monday, September 5 during the evening (Central Time) at the Prontera Church. All guild members are welcome to attend! Remember to bring your tuxedos and dresses! ;)

Congratulations to phyxius and flashattack, who has recently reached Level 90!

And a reminder to guild members, PLEASE RECRUIT EVERYONE YOU CAN! We need all the help we can get for War of Emperium.


Updated the Guild Member page. (Members seem to be coming and going, like a hotel. :/ ) For those who wish to have their stats and equipment displayed in their member page, you can send me (CKTurbo128) the information via PM in the message boards or via e-mail. And a reminder, GET THOSE CHARACTER SCREENSHOTS IN if you haven't yet done so!

Friday, September 2, 2005


Many of our guild members have asked what our guild will be doing for the War of Emperium event tomorrow. Because several guild members, including our Guild Leader KillerSmo, as well as ryomn, TomTom and others, will be unable to be online for the event, it has been suggested that we help out one our allies' castle, as practice for when we do gain ourselves a castle. More discussion on this can be found in this thread on the Message Board: internet

Due to busy work schedules, KillerSmo has delayed his wedding ceremony to next Thursday evening, so it will no longer be held next Monday.


Some of you may or may not be aware, but Kakashi, one of the Quality Ragnarok Online GMs, recently released Kakashi's Client v2.5. A lot of people were encountering crash bugs (mostly kRO users) with the initial version, so he released an updated v2.5 client. The benefits of using this client are:

1.) Updated graphic effects.
2.) Ability to see "Unknown Items" as the newly released cards.
3.) Ability to see unlisted new skills.
4.) Ability to greatly zoom out of the map (including in-doors).
5.) New music (if installing the music version of the client).
6.) New loading screens.

Kakashi's Client is compatible with both kRO and iRO clients. To use Kakashi's Client v2.5, you must make sure you have an updated version of RO, as well as Kakashi's Client v2.0. Here are the following steps to get Kakashi's Client v2.5 running properly (on iRO clients):

1.) Download the latest iRO client from the main iRO website (unnecessary if your client is already fully up to date).
2.) Install the iRO client. This package should also include the Sakray client as well. Be sure to install that client as well, as it is needed by qRO.
3.) Connect to the official Ragnarok Online servers to retrieve the latest updates. Do the same for the Sakray client.
4.) Download the qRO Full Patch that is found in this thread: The qRO Full Patch. Extract the contents to your Ragnarok Online installation folder.
5.) Download Kakashi's Client v2.0 and Kakashi's Client v2.5 from the Kakashi's Client website.
6.) Install Kakashi's Client v2.0 to your Ragnarok Online installation folder. Then install Kakashi's Client v2.5 to your Ragnarok Online installation folder.
7.) Run qRO-Kakashi.exe. This will update your qRO content to match the content on the server. Once it is done, click start to play! Note, you should probably create a shortcut to qRO-Kakashi.exe, as you want to run this file everytime you connect to the qRO server.

Kakashi's Client v2.5 has been running pretty well for me so far. I did notice a bug where occasionally the screen would go dizzy and the game would become very laggy. This would last for a couple of minutes. I still have not found the cause of the bug, but it seems to happen very frequently in Payon Dungeon 4.


The Dominating Twins: Quality Ragnarok Online Guild has a new affiliate, The Innovative Dragon Ball Website.

Saturday, September 3, 2005


Because several of our members were not available for War of Emperium today, we decided to help out one of our allies' (DFK Revolution's main branch, DFK) castles located in Aldebaraan. With permission to help granted by DFK's guild leader, Shaidar, we mainly guarded the outer courtyard of the castle. Because our guild was not an official ally of DFK (only allied to DFK Revolutions, one of DFK's subguilds), our guild members were prone to attacks by the castle guardians, but these were eliminated (with permission by Shaidar, of course), since they were preventing our guild from doing its job. We, along with DFK and its allies, were able to keep the castle. However, there weren't many castle invaders during WoE; at most 3-4 invaders would show up at a time. As a result, defending the castle felt slow and tedious, but Shaidar still thanked us for our assistance.

More discussion and screenshots of today's War of Emperium event can be found in this thread on the message board: War of Emperium (9/3/05): Defending DFK's Castle


The guild member pages for both WorthyKnight and lumpiaman are now available.

Monday, September 5, 2005


While it was sudden and unannounced before hand, our two guild members, phyxius and Moonlight Rain, got married today! Although it took a while for the actual wedding ceremony to get started (waiting around the altar, KillerSmo getting thrown in jail, GM killing the wedding party, etc.), they finally became husband and wife! More wedding screenshots can be found in the new Screenshots section, as well as this thread on the message board: DT Screenshots Thread (56K Users Beware!)

Congratulations to both phyxius and Moonlight Rain on their RO wedding.

In other announcements, KillerSmo's Wedding Ceremony has been set at 8:00 PM Central Time.


The Screenshots section is now available! All previous and upcoming screenshots will be listed in this section.

Friday, September 9, 2005


Yesterday night was supposed to be KillerSmo's day, but it wasn't meant to be. Because Silent SKY, KillerSmo's bride-to-be, has been MIA from qRO for some time, the wedding ceremony has been postponed for now.

In other announcements, congratulations to WorthyKnight, who has made it to Level 90 and changed into a Lord Knight!

For Monday's wedding, it is Moonlight Rain that phyxius married, NOT Moonlight Dust. I apologize for this error.


The guild member page for flashattack is now available. Screenshots submitted by phyxius and Yoon Huh has been added to the Screenshots page.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


KillerSmo's Wedding Ceremony seems to be back on track again, as it is now tentatively scheduled for Monday evening.


Dominating Twins' allied guilds have been listed in the navigation bar, which are (Eternal), [ S e e d ], and DFK Revolutions.

The Guild Members page has been updated.

Added two new screenshots to the Screenshots page.

Friday, September 16, 2005


While KillerSmo did not get married on Monday as planned, he and Silent SKY have finally gotten hitched on Wednesday! After the wedding, there was a PvP battle between married couples KillerSmo & Silent SKY vs. phyxius & Moonlight Rain to see which married couple was the strongest! phyxius & Moonlight Rain ended up winning both rounds. More screenshots of the wedding and married couple PvP can be found in the Screenshots section. Congratulations to both KillerSmo and Silent SKY.

In other announcements, Silent SKY has joined the Dominating Twins!

Congratulations to Magnus for reaching Level 90 and becoming a Sniper!


Added several new screenshots to the Screenshots page.

Sunday, September 25, 2005


Just a reminder, we will be holding a Dead Branch Party in a private Morroc DB Room tomorrow evening.


For those that were not present for War of Emperium yesterday, it went well, as we were able to help defend DFK Revolutions' castle, although we did lose the castle once. However, we were able to get it back.


The Guild Members page has been updated to display general guild information such as guild level and average level of guildsman. The Guild Member roster has also been updated; many new members, as well as some notable members have left, such as WorthyKnight, BrothaSoul, flashattack, and others.

Thursday, September 29, 2005


Because the server was down much of Monday evening, a make-up Dead Branch Party will be held next Monday, at 8:00 PM Central Time. However, since we hold Dead Branch parties every other week, the DB Party on October 10 will be held just as planned, so we there will be two Dead Branch party over the next two weeks!


The Quality RO administrators have made a significant update to the server today, which affects Advanced Classes in a VERY NEGATIVE way. Essentially, all Advanced Class characters will lose 50 skill points (all 2nd Job points). The Quality RO administrators claim they did this in "order to balance out the gameplay." Apparently, they also claim that those "extra skill points" that QRO has had for over a year were a "bug". Here is a post from <GM>frostycpu on the Quality RO forums:

"Ok, the extra skillpoints that everyone had were FIXED, not NERFED. The only remaining bug with it is that if you changed at job 50, then you are missing 10 skill points.

I will do my best to fix this problem.

And before you start saying "OMFG qRO suxxxx now!!11!!", please know that this is THE SAME ON ALL SERVER AND THAT IT WAS A BUG ON qRO.

I repeat, THIS IS HOW IT IS ON ALL SERVERS NORMALLY. Some of you may hate it now, but it is the best to be done for class balance. Now not every character gets every skill they can possibly get. RO was never meant to be like that, and it was bugged on this server.

Also know that this is how qRO started. There were not all these extra skill points at the beginning. When I played, I did not have all skills. qRO grew big using this system, and we will continue using it.

Some people say that this makes us the same as everyone else, that we are not unique anymore. To that I say, what's unique about every LK, every HP and every other class having the SAME SKILLS AS EVERYONE ELSE? Nothing. This system brings a variety of builds amongst same class people.

The reset girl has been made free for now, so that you can try out new builds."

Source: Quality RO Forums: Skillpoint Change, Read It.

This is going to make a lot of players extremely upset, perhaps causing them to quit QRO for good. Also, getting to Job Level 50 for first classes will become much more essential, as we no longer have extra skill points. Advanced Class players will have to think over skill builds very carefully now that the amount of skill points have been limited.

Sunday, October 2, 2005


Yesterday's War of Emperium event was somewhat hectic. At the beginning of the event, DFK relinquished control over Rotenburg Castle, which left it overrun by all sorts of monsters, including two Dark Lord MVPs, which were guarding the front entrance and the Emperium Room! It took a while, but the castle finally came under control of DFK Revolutions. The castle came under heavy attack by Arch-Angels, Rice, and their respective allied guilds. The Arch-Angels guild briefly held Rotenburg Castle, but DFK Revolutions was able to take it back before War of Emperium ended. Thanks to everyone who showed up for the event!

In other news, congratulations to DemonMagician, who recently transcended to Advanced Class!


The Quality RO administrators have implemented the 10 extra skill points fix, to "alleviate" the pain of Advanced Class people of losing -49 skill points. It will be as if you changed from your first class at Job Level 50, instead of 40. For future-Advanced Class people, you will gain these 10 extra skill points when you transcend. If you are Advanced Class, please talk to the Reset NPC Girl to reset your skills to gain the extra 10 skill points. If you did not gain any extra skill points, it means that you were not missing any skill points.

According to <GM>frostycpu, the Ayothaya and Einbroch updates are coming soon! This means new cities and dungeons for us!


Added a guild member page for DemonMagician.

Saturday, October 8, 2005


* For today's War of Emperium event, the Dominating Twins guild decided to go on the offensive, instead of helping defend DFK Revolutions' castle. We focused our invasion attempts on Justice League's castle in Prontera for most of the War of Emperium event. Although we were unable to secure the castle, it did give our guild some experience in attacking castles. Thanks to everyone who showed up for the event!

* phyxius, the highest level member in the Dominating Twins guild, has left us to become Sub-Guild Master of the new Dominating Twins sub-guild, Evil Twins! Now that the Evil Twins sub-guild has been established, with more members we may be able to claim a castle of our own in the future. \

* We have a new ally, the Nation of Domination.


* A Guild Members page has been added for the new Evil Twins sub-guild.

* The Guild Members page for the Dominating Twins has been updated.

* There also have been slight changes to the website's layout.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


* Starting last week, the rules and times for Dead Branch parties have changed. Instead of every other week, there will be a dead branch party every week, but it will alternate between Sunday and Monday. More details can be found from the post by KillerSmo below:

What's going on guys?

Here's the deal - we've always done DB parties every other Monday nights at 8:00 central time. It's been brought to my attention that some of you would like to see this date moved and others really enjoy having them Monday night and can't make it Sundays. So (I'm trying to make everyone happy here) here's the game plan:

*Instead of having a DB party every other week like we've done in the past, we will have these parties every week.

*Since some of you can't make Mondays and some can't make Sundays, we will alternate the DB days. Since the last DB party was on Monday, the next one will be the following Sunday. After that Sunday DB party, the next one will be held in 8 days on the Monday.

*Monday DB parties will be held at the usual time, 8:00 central.

*Sunday DB parities will be held earlier... 5:00 pm central (this accommodates to the people living in Sweden).

A couple of rules for the DB party:

*Only guild members are allowed into the room (you can be any level, 1 to 99). This means that if you want to bring a secondary character in the room that isn't in the guild... well, sorry, but they have to be in the guild. This is a guild event - not only is this helping you level, but also the guild as well.

*If you kill an MVP, tell everyone what items you got... we'll ask ya no matter what...

*HAVE FUN! <CENSORED> it, it's a guild event, it's supposed to be fun. Enjoy yourselves!

Like always, if you have any questions on when the next DB event is, please contact me (KillerSmo or Mini Smo), phyxius / suixyhp, Yoon Huh / Huh Yoon, or ryomn / bevis. We are willing to answer your questions.

Source: DB party time and rules

According to the new times, next Dead Branch party would be next Monday, on October 24, at 8:00 PM (GMT-0:600).

* Although I was unable to attend yesterday's War of Emperium event, I have received word that we had our biggest showing ever for War of Emperium! While we were unable to take a castle, apparently we were close to getting one. Hopefully, more members will show up for the next War of Emperium event! A large appreciation goes to everyone who participated in the event!

* There is an interesting thread currently going on the Message Board at the moment. Our guild leader, KillerSmo, has made a "20 Questions" thread, where 20 chances will be given to correctly guess the thing that KillerSmo is thinking of. The prize, you ask? 1,000,000 zenny on Quality Ragnarok Online LR! Time to start guessing! :D


* The Guild Members page for the Dominating Twins has been updated.

* The Guild Members page for the Evil Twins has been updated.

* Two new screenshots submitted by KillerSmo have been added to the Screenshots page.

Monday, October 31, 2005


Happy Halloween!

* For those that are wondering what happened to the qRO server, it has been attacked via a Denial of Service attack. Here is some GM conversation that was found from the DFK forums about the situation:

(17:03:58)(&Smug) Ok i'm here for 2minutes
(17:04:03)(&Smug) just to let you know whats happening
(17:04:11)(&Smug) in fact, we are getting attacked
(17:04:15)(&Smug) DDOS of 400mbps
(17:04:40)(&Smug) init is going himself to our datacenter to resolve this problem
(17:04:51)(&Smug) it should be fixed within the day or tomorrow at worse.
(17:05:10)(&Smug) thanks.
(17:05:18)(&Smug) please pass this message whenever someone ask

[11:40] <Gona|AFK> i got news
[11:40] <Gona|AFK> from the situation
[11:40] <Smug> I do
[11:40] <Smug>
[11:40] <Smug> in fact those are bad news
[11:40] <Smug> our contract from our datacenter got cancelled due to the attack's force
[11:41] <Smug> we will move to another server provider soon
[11:41] <Smug> so it could take a few days before qRO gets back.
[11:41] <Smug> Thanks, and we ap

<frostycpu> qRO will be back soon
<frostycpu> it's just that theplanet has no dual xeons left for now
<Sanosuke> is there gonna be a wipe?
<frostycpu> no
<frostycpu> all our data is safe
<frostycpu> I can't give an exact date since we don't know when the hosting compagny will buy new servers
<frostycpu> they buy them on a somewhat regular basis though
<frostycpu> it shouldn't take very long
<frostycpu> yes we are moving Tragepe
<frostycpu> we're going back to our other datacenter
<frostycpu> which is very big
<frostycpu> and can handle this kind of crap
<frostycpu> Free Advanced Security and Other Tools
<frostycpu> * Arbor PeakFlow DDoS Detection
<frostycpu> * TippingPoint Intrusion Detection & Prevention
<frostycpu> * Cisco Guard DDoS Mitigation
<frostycpu> * Urchin Web Stats
<frostycpu> * Remote Reboot
<frostycpu> * Backup Services
<frostycpu> * Cisco Guard DDoS Mitigation = godly
<frostycpu> qRO will return the same as it was when the servers were disconnected

(18:31:33) (Tragepe) hey, frosty, new server will be 2.8ghz dual xeons?
(18:31:39) (~frostycpu) yes
(18:31:42) (Tragepe) ok =D
(18:31:44) (Chiyo) why not 2.9?
(18:31:51) (Ronster) what;s going on
(18:32:00) (~frostycpu) nothing really new Ronster
(18:32:13) (~frostycpu) I just pasted a few lines of theplanet's server descriptions
(18:32:25) (~frostycpu) that said that their datacenters can filter 32GBPS of DDoS

Source: DFK Forums: Is Qro down or is it just me?xD

Essentially, the qRO server has been affected by a DoS attack. Thankfully, there has been no data loss, so when the qRO server does go back online, everything will be as is it was before the server went down. The qRO administration is currently in the process of moving to a different provider, so it may take several days before the qRO server is back up and running. More discussion about this can be found in this thread on the Message Board: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

* Before the server went down, a new Dominating Twins sub-guild has been established by ryomn, and is called Killing_Twins! Killing_Twins is currently looking for new recruitments, so if you are interested in joining Killing_Twins, please contact ryomn or any Killing_Twins members either in game or in the message boards, via PM.

* Our alliance with DFK Revolutions has been severed. They were a great ally, but due to some misunderstandings (explained here and here), and lack of assistance, we have decided to sever our alliance with them. I wish them the best in the future!

Saturday, November 12, 2005


* The Quality Ragnarok Online server is back up! While the official Quality Ragnarok Online forums are not back up, a temporary qRO forum has been established here: Since the server has switched ISPs, you will need a new patch to connect to Quality Ragnarok Online. The patch can be found in this thread:

* War of Emperium times have been changed. While it will still be on Saturdays, War of Emperium will now occur between 4:00 - 6:00 PM Central Time (GMT-0:600).


* All Guild Member pages for all three guilds have been updated.

Monday, November 14, 2005


* Some of you who have tried to connect to qRO or did connect would have noticed the severe lag problems afflicting the server. To those suspecting it's another hacker attack, relax, this time it's just due to some problems with their new ISP, Sagonet, who is currently doing some upgrades to their systems. More about this lag problem can be found in this thread on the unofficial qRO forums: About the lag

* Yet another Dominating Twins extension guild has been established, this time by Yoon Huh! The new extension guild is known as Sniping Twins. Sniping Twins is currently looking for new members. While this extension guild welcomes all job types, it will specifically focus on those jobs who are able to wield bows. If you are interested in joining, please contact Yoon Huh, KillerSmo, ryomn, phyxius, or any Sniping Twins guild member via in the game or through PM on the message board.


* The Guild Member page for the new Sniping Twins extension guild has been added.

* All character photos that have been submitted recently are now viewable in the Guild Member pages.

* Because the main page was getting rather long, all updates prior to November 2005 have now been archived. To view previous archives, they may be found in the Update Archives - 2005 page.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


* For those that have not been on the Quality Ragnarok Online server since it came back up after the DDoS attacks, there were two server rollbacks in the that have occurred in the past two weeks, both of them ending up using the restore point just before the servers went down before the DDoS attacks occurred. This has angered many qRO users, but to compensate for lost time/levels/characters/items, a four day 2 x EXP. & Drop Rate event was given, starting on Saturday and ending today.

* The guild leader of the recently formed Sniping Twins, Yoon Huh, has announced on the message boards that he will not be active in Quality Ragnarok Online for the next three weeks, due to project deadlines and finals for college. If you wish to be recruited into Sniping Twins, please contact KillerSmo or any other Sniping Twins members.

* Due to the large loss of the qRO population (probably due to the DDoS attacks, ISP relocation, and the two recent server rollbacks), registration is now open again for Quality Ragnarok Online! If you have not registered for the qRO server, do so now, as it is not known how long registration will be open for. You may register an account here:


* Updated the guild logos, as all Twins guilds are now using new logos to distinguish the Twins guilds from each other.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


* Due to inactivity of the Evil Twins sub-guild, it has been disbanded by phyxius. However, in its place, a new sub-guild known as Dark Angel Twins was created in it's place and is run by Hunter Arius, who was formerly in Dominating Twins. All former Evil Twins members are welcome to join either Dominating Twins, Dark Angel Twins, Killing Twins, and Sniping Twins; please contact either KillerSmo, phyxius, Hunter Arius, Yoon Huh, ryomn, or any member of those guilds if you wish to join.

* Hunter Arius has announced a Christmas event for Dominating Twins and it's sub-guilds!

"As the co-leader of the Evil Twins Guild, i'm happy to tell everyone from the Twins Guilds that i'm cooking up something as a Guild Event for the Christmas Vacation!

The only thing i can tell you all is that itll be between the December 23rd wich is a Friday and the december 30 wich is another Friday!

I have my little idea of what ill do but if any of you have suggestions i'll be happy to take them as an offer"

"I have some news to tell everyone about the Upcomming Guild Event that i'm making so heres what I added:

- The event will be an item getting race over rune midgar's dungeon!
- Once the items will all be founded, you'll have to find me in one of the town in qRO!
- The prize for the winner will be .... a secret you'll see when you'll win!"

"Here's an update of my christmas event wich will be soon;

- The winner of the event will get 10 to 15 millions zennys!!!

we hope you'll all participate well!"

"I tought of a date for the Twins Christmas Event, it could be Wednesday the 28th of December at 8h PM (GMT-4:00)!

So give me what you think of it!"

Source: Christmas Event Coming!

That's right, you could win 10-15 million zeny! More details about the event will come later.


* Removed the old Evil Twins guild members page.

* Added the Dark Angel Twins guild member page.

* Archived all November updates.

Friday, December 23, 2005 


* Everyone here in Dominating Twins and it's sub-guilds wishes everyone Happy Holidays!

* Since this Sunday falls on Christmas Day, we will be moving our Dead Branch party to next Wednesday, December 28 instead. Hope to see everyone there at the party! :D


* Added some screenshots from tonight's Dead Branch party.

* Guild member information for Dominating Twins, Dark Angel Twins, and Sniping Twins have been updated.