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Saturday, January 7, 2006


* Happy New Year, everyone! I apologize for the late updates in the website. First off, for the Christmas Guild Event that was held on December 28, 2005, many Twins members showed up for the event! To win the prize, each participant was to collect a number of items from Magma Dungeon, Sphinx, Turtle Dungeon, and Umbala Dungeon and then find Hunter Arius hiding somewhere in Yuno. It was difficult for most, as only two Twins members were able to complete the event. The first place winner is DemonMagician, and the second place winner is ryomn. Congratulations to the winners! If the winners are still missing some of their prize money, please contact Yoon Huh or Hunter Arius.

* We have yet another new Twins sub-guild, known as Caothic Twins, which has been founded by The Heal, our prominent Brazilian Twins member! Caothic Twins will mainly be a sub-guild for Brazilian Twins members.

Se você estiver interessado em juntar o guild de "Caothic Twins", contate por favor "The Heal."

* It has come to my attention that there have been some recent incidents regarding some Twins members that are breaking some of qRO's general rules. Here is a refresher on qRO's general rules:

- No verbal, racial or sexual harassment to other qRO characters.
- No botting.
- No scamming of items or other users' accounts.
- No abusing of game glitches (such as the party bug).

Please keep these in mind, as we do not want our reputation as a guild to be tarnished by such acts. Be warned, if any Twins member is found to be committing such acts listed above, they will be subject to immediate expulsion from the guild, as well as being reported to the qRO GM staff. You have been warned.


* Added some screenshots from the Christmas Dead Branch Party, Christmas Guild Event, and New Year's WoE.

* Guild member page for Caothic Twins has been added.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


* Dominating Twins has established an alliance with the -Soul Templars- guild! Under this alliance, specific terms have been established, which can be explained in a post made by Hunter Arius in the message board:

Hi all Twins!

After today's WoE, January 12th 2006, we've came up to an Alliance with the -Soul Templars- Guild, wich we helped to keep their title of Payon Castle Owner!

After 42 mins of talking, we've camed up to the following conclusions for the alliance:

- For the next 3 - 4 Weeks, we MUST HELP the -Soul Templars- to keep their castle!
- In the next month we must get at least 25 WoE Active People in the Dominating Twins!
- Once we'll have enough active members for WoE, -ST- are gonna help us to get a castle, and will give us Backup chars to defend it.
- The only reason you can miss a woe without pre-telling us, is Hollidays!

These are the Terms of Alliance with the -ST-.

Now here is a few new rules for the Dominating Twins Guild, since we have Alliance, we must get serious, so here what follow up:

- If a member (Except the Ancients of Twins), miss 2 WoE or more in a row, he/she is kicked!
- If a member don't respect allied members or guild members, he/she's out!

These rules might be rude, but Today is the day where the Dominating Twins will start to appear in the world of Qro!

Hunter Arius

Several people were questioning the missing 2 WoE in a row rule and that it was too harsh of a rule. KillerSmo has clarified this situation with the following post:

I think the easiest way to wrap this up is that if you're inactive, you're out. Simple as that.

Do we want you at WoE?
Of course, we need as many people as possible, but if you can't make it and you're active - it's all good! You'd still be helping the guild level.

Stay active, stay a Twin - I think that's the best way to say it...

* As of January 15, 2006, all Twins sub-guilds (Caothic, Dark Angels, Killing, Sniping) no longer exist, as we have re-merged back into Dominating Twins. For those that were active in the above listed guild and would like to join Dominating Twins, please contact a Dominating Twins guild member so that they can recruit you.


* The Quality Ragnarok Online (LR) has gone through a massive update! Several new towns (Ayothaya, Einbroch, Lighthazlen) and dungeons (Ayothaya Dungeon, Einbroch Dungeon, Lighthazlen Dungeon, Bio Lab, Abyss Lake, Thanatos Tower), along with several new monsters and MVPs are now accessible! However, to access the new content, the Korean Ragnarok Online client is now required, as the iRO client does not contain the necessary files to access the new areas. For those that do not have the Korean Ragnarok Online client, Hunter Arius has posted a step-by-step guide on how to install the Korean Ragnarok Online client and the necessary files to play on the Quality Ragnarok Online (LR) server, which can be found in this thread: Guide to Install Crossworlds2 and latest qRO update

* The long awaited Crossworlds2 mod from Lost Kakashii and AoiKokoro has been released! Here are some details about the new Crossworlds2 mod:

Apple of Archer ---Musketeer Hat
Bandana ---Luminier
Bao Bao ---Ribbons Added
Black Cat Ears ---Moving Black Cat Ears
Blinker ---Takius Blinker (from anime)
Corsair ---Pirate Crosair
Cute Ribbon ---Black Ribbon
Ear Muffs ---Chobit Ear's
Egg Shell ---Deviling Hat
Gangster Mask ---New Western Gangster Mask
Goblin Mask ---Majora's Mask
Goggles ---Pilot Goggles
Golden Gear ---Abysal Helmet
Hair Band ---Rogue Hair Band
Helmet ---Dragon's Slayer Helmet
Helmet of Angel ---Valkirie Helmet
Jewel Crown ---Dark Helmet
Kafra Band ---Dark Kafra Band
Magician Hat ---Magician Rabbit Hat
Nurse Hat ---Twin Bunny Ribbons
Poo Poo Hat ---Crocket Hat
Red Ribbon ---Pink Ribbon
Safety Helmet ---Moonlight Hat
Sakkat ---Drowry Hat
Santa Hat ---Christmas Cap
Stop Post ---STFU Post
Sweet Gent ---Pimp Hat
Unicorn Horn ---Floppy Bunny
Western Grace ---HyeGun Hat
Wonder Nutshell ---Maya Hat

Aerial ---Banana Hat
Cap ---Detective Cap
Clown Nose ---Baby Suckle
Cross Hat ---Lions Head
Decorative Mushroom ---Red Bonnett
Fancy Flower ---x-pin
Hat ---Novice Hat
Nut Shell ---Dog Ears
Poring Hat ---Angel Poring Hat
Ribbon ---Fruits of Love
Spore Hat ---Neko Mimi
Tulip Hairpin ---Wild Rose


Aerial - Original Item
Blinker - Original Item
Ribbon - Original Item
AoA - Original Item
Fancy Flower- Original Item
Gangster Mask - Original Item
Sweet Gent - Original Item
Tulip - Original Item
Poring Hat - Original Item

Pink Hat- Pimp Hat Movement
Cap - Musketeer Hat Movement
Goblin Mask - Tribal Mask
Mr Smile - Majora's Mask
NutShell - Alice Doll
Mushroom Band - Dark Alice
Spore Hat - Witches Hat
Cross Band - Samurai Helmet
Clown Nose - Cowboy Scarf
Wedding Veil - Ribbon Band
Assassin Mask ---Butterfly Wings

Angel Wing ---Bandless
Evil Wing ---Bandless
Spiky Band ---Bandless
Antlers Band ---Bandless
Bulb Band ---Bandless
Grief for Greed band ---Bandless
Halo ---Bandless
Mini Propeller ---Bandless

-Fully working hair colors with fix faces
Male: ---Rogue Hair Style
Female: ---Blond Hair Style

-DANCER ---New Dancer with Pants
-Gypsy ---Fixed Gypsy Sprite
-Champion F ---Fixed Champion sitting position
-Champion M ---Fixed Champ head and Weapon pose
-GM Sprite ---Now uses Soul Linkers Sprite

-Unique 77 Color palette for 2nd and Advance Jobs
-Sorted collection from many sources.
-This collection is unique to CW2 order

-New Paladin Shield Bomerang
-New Casting Circle on Floors
-New Aura for LVL 99+
-New First Aid Aura

Prontera: Sakura Map Implementation

Mini Maps fix included:
-Amatsu Dungeon lvl 1
-Yggdrassil Dungeon
-Ayothaya Dungeon Lvl 1
-Yuno In Maze Map

Weather Effects on some asian maps included

Missing Skills are now viewable in Menu
New Skill names from the KRO translation implemented

New ID Tables and Card Descriptions are available
Fixed Unknown Skulls and some Unknown items
Added a Null Icon for Errors on spriting in inventory open

All the ID tables are 2005 recent kRO tables
They will sustain all the new updates to qro

Added a collection of all Ein NPC's
Added new custom NPC's
- I know PVP NPC is gay in Pront. Dont remind.

Hunter Falcon ---kRO Purple
Sniper Falcon ---Ice Falcon

Carts: ---Poring Cart as #1
---Tiger Cart as #2

Downloading CW2 Full version will gain you this
All towns and some maps have a custom new anime theme
These were picked out by Kotori herself.
Regular version has plain RO music updated

Emotions: Flag Emotions
---Ctrl+2 = American Flag
---Ctrl+3 = Brazil Flag

New Print Screen Watermark when viewed Screenshots

Customized Prontera Flags are implemented to map

Vagabond Wolf: ---New Vagabond Wolf
Wanderer Man: ---Fixed up Ayame Man

Added collection of all new kRO monsters
for when a new client is available.

UNKNOWN MONSTERS: ---appear as a Plasma (Blue Orb)
-Dark Priest looked very Resident Evil

There are three versions of the Crossworlds2 mod available for download. Please visit for more details about the Crossworlds2 mod.


* A new revision of Yoon's Corner has been launched! Here are the details:

Introducing Yoon's Corner 2.0

A New Way to Browse the Forums

Finally, after hours of work, Yoon's Corner 2.0 is now complete! There have many many changes to the message board, which include:

- The new Vista-inspired Yoon's Corner.
- Former Genso Suikoden and Ragnarok Online skins now use Vista-inspired layout as well.
- Private Messages Panel.
- New look for the navigation bar.
- Addition of the Live Discussion Board.
- New icons for threads, posts, and other areas.
- RPG level up system implemented.
- Addition of Chrono Cross avatars.
- Several other minor changes.

The new Vista-inspired skin is now the default skin for the message board. If you are dissatisfied with the new skin and want to use the old black and blue skin, you may change your skin via Profile > Modify Profile > Select Skin. The old skin is called "Yoon's Corner (2005)." For those that are stuck with the old skin and want to change to the new skin, follow the same steps above, but select either "Yoon's Corner," "Genso Suikoden," or "Ragnarok Online," as all of them use the new Vista-inspired look, with the minor differences being icons and expressions between them.

One big addition is the Live Discussion section, which now allows message board users to chat live with other message board users that are currently browsing the forum. To use Live Discussion, you must have the latest Java Software or a Java SDK/JDK installed, which may be obtained from or

Since the new layout makes heavy use of JavaScript, there are bound to be some bugs. To avoid most of the bugs, please use Mozilla Firefox 1.5, as Internet Explorer 6 is now a somewhat outdated, insecure web browser compared to other web browsers out there. If you encounter any bugs, please let me know. Some bugs have been discovered already, which include over-bolded text in the News table for Internet Explorer users, as well as the blended links in the Members section.

I couldn't have done this massive update without the help from the folks over at ProBoards Support. Thanks guys! :D

* The guild pages for Caothic Twins, Dark Angel Twins, Killing Twins, and Sniping Twins have been removed, as all Twins sub-guilds have been broken during the Dominating Twins reformation.

* The Dominating Twins guild member page has been updated.

Monday, February 6, 2006


* PvP Tournament Update: Because of server issues and some of the participants' clients crashing upon entering the PvP room, the PvP Tournament has been postponed until a later time. No new time has been set yet for the PvP Tournament. Please check the "guild event. pvp tournament" thread on Yoon's Corner for further updates.

* We have established an alliance with a new guild, known as Underworld.

* Our former alliance with -Soul Templars- no longer exists, as the guild once known as -Soul Templars- and another guild have merged into a single guild, now known as Army of Souls.

* This may be late in announcing, but for the War of Emperium event on January 28th, the Dominating Twins was successful in breaking their first emperium and capturing a castle! While the Twins were unable to hold it in the end, it is a significant event nonetheless. Congratulations to those participating that were able to make that achievement!


* All of January 2006 updates have been archived in the Update Archives.

* The About page has been updated.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


* During the War of Emperium on February 18, Dominating Twins was able to capture a castle with 5 minutes left! Although we lost the castle in the last minute to the Evil Elven Kingdom guild, this marks the second time that Dominating Twins has been able to take a castle!

* PvP Tournament Results (2/18/2006):

Round 1 (Elimination):

DemonMagician vs. ryomn (DemonMagician WINNER)

MoonlightAngel vs. Yoon Huh (Yoon Huh WINNER)

KillerSmo vs. TomTom (KillerSmo WINNER)

ghalleon vs. Suixyhp (Suixyhp WINNER)

Guhosutsubenu vs. Hunter Arius (Guhosutsubenu WINNER By Default)

Round 2 (Free for All):

DemonMagician vs. Guhostsubenu vs. KillerSmo vs. Suixyhp vs. Yoon Huh (Suixyhp ELIMINATED)

Round 3 (Semi-Final):

DemonMagician vs. KillerSmo (DemonMagician WINNER)

Guhostsubenu vs. Yoon Huh (Yoon Huh WINNER)

Round 4 (Final):

DemonMagician vs. Yoon Huh (DemonMagician WINNER)

* Congratulations to DemonMagician, who has won the PvP Tournament! Screenshots of some of the battles can be found in the Screenshots page.

* We have established an alliance with the GuardianxAngels guild.


* The Guild Members page has been updated.

* Screenshots have been added to the Screenshots page.

Tuesday, March 7, 2006


* The Dominating Twins guild has finally achieved one of the goals it had set when the guild was founded 9 months ago; they captured (and held) a castle in this last weekend's War of Emperium event! Congratulations to all Dominating Twins (as well as our allies) who were able to make this huge feat possible! Now, the next challenge is to defend the castle for the next War of Emperium... be prepared everyone, it's going to be a fierce battle next weekend!

* Since we have held a castle this week, our guild will be receiving daily castle treasures. KillerSmo has created a Castles/Treasures thread in the message board, which will be updated as new treasures are received. These treasures will be available to Dominating Twins members that request them, but at the moment, first "dibs" go to those who were active participants in this War of Emperium.


* The new Taekwon class has now been implemented on the Quality Ragnarok Online servers! However, their skills are currently bugged at the moment (can only apply 1 skill point), so experimenting them to their fullest potential isn't possible yet.

* All Honey quantities have been wiped to help control the ongoing inflation that has been plaguing the markets on qRO LR for quite some time. Honey is also no longer available for sale by NPCs. You can still obtain Honey from killing monsters, however.

* According to the Crossworlds 2 Update Client, several new hats, skills, maps, as well as the adoption system has been implemented, but this is not true, as these contents are not yet available. However, it will be very soon, according to the Quality Ragnarok Online staff.


* All of February 2006 updates have been archived in the Update Archives.

* Screenshots from last weekend's War of Emperium event have been added to the Screenshots page.

Wednesday, March 8, 2006


* The Dominating Twins and the Chronic-Dimension guilds have established an alliance!


* The Guild Members page has been updated.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


* Good job to everyone who participated in last weekend's War of Emperium event! We had a good amount of people showing up for last weekend's WoE, as there were 19+ members online during the WoE event. We were also able to take a castle in Geffen and held it for 30+ minutes, although we were unable to capture a castle by the end of WoE.

* Due to several events occurring in the last couple of weeks, we no longer have any allies, either due to mergers between guilds, or disbandment of guilds. Therefore, Dominating Twins is currently looking for new, WoE active allies at the moment.

* Congratulations to both DemonMagician and phyxius, who have both reached Level 99 in the last couple of weeks!

* Dominating Twins members! If you have not yet submitted your guild photo, please do so when you have the time! It will be mainly for the Guild Members page, but they can also be used as personal avatars on Yoon's Corner. It is recommended to take a screenshot of your character selection page, as these picture types will be in a similar format. If you do not know how to take a screenshot, hit the "PrntScrn" button on your keyboard. This will save the current screen as a JPEG file in your screenshots folder, which is located under the location of where your RO was installed to. You can send the screenshot file to my e-mail address.


* The Guild Members page has been updated. Also, clicking on some guild members for their stats will no longer lead to a personal bio page. Instead, it will directly link to their personal equips thread in the "Jobs of Rune-Midgard" section of the message board. If new equips threads are added to the section, the Guild Members page will be updated so that it will link directly to their equips thread. This is a temporary solution until the database system can be implemented in the future.

* A screenshot of last week's WoE event has been added to the Screenshot page.

* Archived March 2006 updates into the 2006 Update Archive page.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


* The Dominating Twins has established alliances with the Knights of Valhalla and Thugline guilds!

* The time for Dead Party Branch parties on Monday has changed from 8:00 PM to 7:00 PM Central Time [GMT-0:600].

* Welcome to all of the new members who have joined Dominating Twins this past week!


* The Juperos Dungeon is now accessible. The dungeon is located 1 map screen south of the entrance to Magma Dungeon. Watch out for all the robot mobs!


* Added Knights of Valhalla and Thugline to the alliance list.

* Added the WoE Statistics icon in the navigation bar, which leads to a page that contains all the statistics for War of Emperium on the qRO LR server. It is personally run by <GM>HalfDemon.

* A screenshot of last week's WoE event has been added to the Screenshot page.

* The Guild Members page now includes the number of class types in the guild.

* The Guild Members page has been updated.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


* The Dominating Twins has established an alliance with Astral Disorder! May we all have a fun and exciting WoE together!


* Added Astral Disorder to the alliance list.

Monday, April 24, 2006


* Just a quick and friendly reminder: the Login / Registration on the main website does not currently work, due to issues with the database. However, you may register on Yoon's Corner, where the Dominating Twins Guild Discussion forum is located. Please note that you must be registered and logged in to view the Dominating Twins Guild Discussion forum.


* For those running the Crossworlds 2 client, there was a large update yesterday, which included several new NPC skins (NPCs such as Kafra, Styler, Merchant, PvP, etc.), new auras, as well as other things.


* Added a link to Astral Disorder's message board.

* Changed the Thugline logo to the newly updated logo.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


* The qRO LR server has suffered a devastating setback today, as people were losing many of their items, due to a 10-number limit MySQL server bug. As a result, the server rolled back to April 5th, which was the only viable backup. Here is a post made by <GM>frostycpu on the qRO Message Board:

Alright, so some of you have noticed this morning a problem with the server. Some pieces of equips were disappearing, big problem.

What caused this to happen?

To understand how this happened, you need to know one thing about the SQL database. All the information is contained in different parts callled "tables". Each table has a structure that tells the mySQL server how to insert each piece of information it recieves.

The table in question today was the "inventory" table, the table that manages all the equips that wear and carry around. In it's structure, the table insert item creation IDs with a limit of 10 numbers.

Ok, but what does that have to do with qRO?

qRO has been online for quite a while, almost 3 years. During this time, we've never had to do a complete wipe (still proud of that!). In that sense, it means that since the first item that was created on day 1 and today, a LOT of items have been created.

How many have been created you ask? 4294972426 items.

But wait, notice something about this number? Yes, it already has 10 numbers total. Normally that should be enough since the limit number for the current structure is 10. But what you don't see, is that the server will sometimes create numbers that are higher than the highest number.

That means that at some point today, the server created a number that had 11 numbers or more.

So what happened then?

What happens when too high numbers are used is somewhat simple. It tried new, lower numbers. But the thing is, it won't care if that number is already used or not. If it is used, it's detected as a "duplicate entry" and deleted immediately. That's basically what happened this morning. New IDs were being created/changed, duplicating some which made the mySQL server delete them.

Is this fixed now, will it happen again?

Yes it is fixed. What was done is that we increased the possible amount of numbers allowed from 10 to 20. That means there is a now a lot more space for IDs to be created without creating problems.

Awesome, but what about my items? You have backups, don't you?

qRO does weekly backups of it's database since the last incident with the high rate server. But, misfortune has struck down again.

The program we were using to create these backups apparently had an unknown and *undocumented* defect in it. If the database file created by this program is larger than 1 Gigabyte, it becomes corrupted. This is obviously something we could never have forseen. You'd think the program would output some sort of error if the backups are not usable, but it didn't.

Aside from those corrupted weekly backups, I had created a manual backup a while ago while testing some modifications. But that backup is from April 5th, which is way too old.

Some staff members proposed a partial rollback; to rollback only the items to what they were on the April 5th backup. Unfortunately, that could create other problems.

Inside a mysql database, each table contains indexes. These indexes are like bookmarks, they help the mysql server to look for information more quickly, thus reducing the char-server lag. But, a lot of tables in the database SHARE indexes that are synchronized togheter with the other tables. Only copying the item databases would desynchronize those indexes, since some would share the same indexes, but with different values.

So if I understand correctly, it's either we live with this or do a total restore to April 5th?

That's right. But since a total restore would mean losing 20 DAYS of work, for 133241 characters, the best solution in the interest of the server as a whole would be to keep the current database as it is. We were lucky that it happened at a time where very few people are on. Imagine if this had happened on WoE hours, we'd probably be looking at a total wipe.

*sob* I lost x millions in items sad.gif

You have no idea how much it pains me to be living this. This is basically a server admin's worst nightmare. I do think we were lucky in our misfortune that it happened at a time where the userbase is low, but it still ticks me off that some people are gonna lose their items and that I can't do anything about it.

I can't say it enough. I'm sorry this happened, even if I couldn't have stopped it if I wanted to. I will be reporting this table structure issue to the devs to make sure other servers don't have to deal with it. We may not have been lucky as to someone else finding it out before us to fix t, but at least we can help some other servers that are getting big so they don't have their database corrupted.

Thank you for understanding.

Source: What Happened With the Database Today.

* As a result of the rollback to April 5th, we lost all of our alliances with Astral Disorder, Knights of Valhalla, and Thugline. Alliances with AD, KoV, and Thugline will need to be re-established again.

* As a result of the rollback to April 5th, we lost over 20 of our newer members that were recruited in the past 3 weeks. If these members could contact a Dominating Twins member, we will be able recruit you back into the guild.


* The experience and drop rates (including cards) have been doubled on qRO LR, as a result of the 20-day rollback today. Get back to hunting and leveling to regain what you lost!

Friday, April 28, 2006


* Since the Login and Password system on the website was not working correctly, it has been removed, as well as the registration page. You may still register on the message board however. The registration for the message board is here: Yoon's Corner - Register

Saturday, April 29, 2006


* With the rollback that occurred this week, there were a lesser amount of members showing up for this WoE, which is understandable. However, it was still an interesting WoE. Things really heated up in the last 10 minutes, as Dominating Twins, Knights of Valhalla, and Thugline took over castles in Payon, Geffen, and Prontera. However, both Dominating Twins and Knights of Valhalla were unable to keep their castles. Congratulations to Thugline on gaining a castle this week.


* Updated Thugline's logo to the updated Thugline logo.

* Added a link to Thugline's message boards.

* I bring your attention to this announcement from Yoon's Corner:

Friday, May 5, 2006



Another month, another time to frag! Unfortunately, with final exams coming up in early May, there will not be any time for a V/LAN party in April, so later half of May would be the best time for a V/LAN party. Since the V/LAN party is not limited to those only in Minnesota (thanks to Hamachi VPN software), as long as you have an Internet connection, you will be able to join us. See the instructions below for installing Hamachi.

Date and Time of V/LAN Party

Date: Saturday, May 20, 2006
Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 AM+ (Central Time Zone)

The date of May's V/LAN party has been set to Saturday, May 20, 2006. Those of you that are not in the same time zone as Minnesota, USA, use a time zone converter such as this one and use Mexico City as your reference for Central Time Zone, since Minnesota and Mexico City lie in the same time zone.

List of Possible V/LAN Games:

Here is a list of possible games that we may play for the V/LAN party:

Call of Duty 2 [v1.2]
Far Cry [v1.40]
Quake IV [v1.0]
Quality Ragnarok Online LR (War of Emperium Only)
Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots [Latest Version]
Starcraft: Brood War [1.13f]
Warcraft III: Frozen Throne [1.20d]

These games are not set in stone; if you have any suggestions for other LAN games, please feel free to offer them. Also, if you are using a *AHEM* not-so-legal *AHEM* copy of one of these games and need a no-CD/DVD crack for a game version listed above, you may contact me via e-mail.

Hamachi Installation Instructions:

Apparently, a lot of people have been using this software to play games via LAN connection over the Internet. So now, instead of being able to join in only some of the MN LAN games, now you can join in for all of them, regardless of where you are on Earth, as long as you have a Internet connection, Hamachi, and of course, the games that we will be playing for LAN. I have already tested it for games on other peoples' Hamachi LAN networks and confirmed that it does indeed work excellently for games.

1.) Download the latest Hamachi version here:
2.) To set it up, install the program. It will install a software network driver called the Hamachi Network Interface. If you have any firewall software installed, be sure to allow connections for this program.
3.) After installing, you may be asked to reboot; do so if it does.
4.) After installation, run through the simple tutorial to get used to Hamachi.
5.) Then, to join the Hamachi network that we will be using:

Network Name: Yoon's Corner
Password: yoon

After this, you should be connected to our Hamachi LAN network.
6.) To join a network game in progress, just launch the game and go to the game's multiplayer LAN (not Internet) section and you should be able to join the network game.

We would like as many people to come, so if you have time on May 20, 2006, come join us for the games!

This event is not limited to those in Minnesota, as it will be using the Hamachi VPN software. In other words, anyone on Earth with an Internet connection and Hamachi installed can join the YC V/LAN Party! Of course, everyone is welcome to join this event (including all Dominating Twins members, alliance members, any qRO players, your friends, etc.), as we want to get as many people to join the V/LAN party. For suggestions and comments about this event, you may post in this thread on Yoon's Corner: Yoon's Corner - V/LAN Party (May 2006)


* <GM>frostycpu has announced that the double experience/drop/card rate will now end after tomorrow's War of Emperium event.


* Archived April 2006 updates into the 2006 Update Archive page.

* Updated Thugline's logo to the new Thugline logo (again).

Monday, May 15, 2006


* More updates on the upcoming Yoon's Corner - V/LAN Party, which will be held this Saturday:

Now that the V/LAN party is coming close, we need to determine who will be coming for the party, what time they will be present, and what games they can play. This will help determine what games we will try to play, as well as what time we should play them, so those who can play will be able to play all at once.

Confirmed Participants and Time Available (So Far):
aznsotofu2oo0 (New York, U.S.A.)
CKTurbo128 (Minnesota, U.S.A.) - 12:00 PM - 1:00 AM+
FC3STII (Maryland, U.S.A.) - 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM, 12:00 AM - 1:00 AM+
KillerSmo (Minnesota, U.S.A.) - 12:00 PM - 1:00 AM+
phyxius (Venezuela)
ryomn (Minnesota, U.S.A.) - 12:00 PM - 1:00 AM+
TomTom (Minnesota, U.S.A.) - 12:00 PM - 1:00 AM+
TroyThomas (Minnesota, U.S.A.) - 3:00 PM - 1:00 AM+


* The guild member roster on the Guild Members page has been updated.

* A screenshot of last week's WoE event has been added to the Screenshot page.

* Updated Astral Disorder's logo to the new Astral Disorder logo.

Friday, June 2, 2006


* Last week, there were a couple of minor rollbacks, due to issues with the server database. As a result, there was about a week long double experience/job rate in place to make up for the inconveniences of the rollbacks. The double experience/job rate should now be over.


* Archived May 2006 updates into the 2006 Update Archive page.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


* With the help of our allies, Dominating Twins were able to obtain a castle in last weekend's War of Emperium event! This marks the third time that we have achieved this goal! Congratulations to all who were able to make this possible!

* « Knights of Æsir », a guild that branched out of Knights of Valhalla a couple of weeks ago, is now an official Dominating Twins ally.

* Unfortunately, because the guild leader of Knights of Valhalla no longer has time to play qRO, the Knights of Valhalla will be inactive for the time being. Many Knights of Valhalla members will be joining « Knights of Æsir » for the time-being.


* The CrossWorlds2 Mod Project, which was created and maintained by Lost Kakashi & Kotori-AoiKokoro, has been canceled, due to lack of time and interest. Since this client is no longer being updated, it is highly recommended for those still using CrossWorlds2 to switch to the regular Quality Ragnarok Online client, which can be found here: qRO Full Patch.


* Changed the "Alliances" list to "Alliances & Friends," to reflect the growing nature of our friendly relations with other guilds on the Quality Ragnarok Online (LR) server.

* Changed the Dominating Twins logo on all pages to a cleaner looking version.

* Made many visual tweaks to all pages on the website, which include adding the light blue/light grey background to the fourth cell, which is the same background found on Yoon's Corner, as well as adding a faint grey border to the cells.

* Updated the About page.

* Updated the Quality Ragnarok Online banner to the newer version.

* Updated all alliance/friend guild logos to the latest versions.

Friday, June 16, 2006


* 1st Year Anniversary of the Dominating Twins!

That's right, Dominating Twins is now 1 year old! Just a year ago, we were just a small, inexperienced guild that had aspiring goals for the future. Now, a year later, not only have the Dominating Twins have achieved it's goals, it has also accomplished many things as well. Time truly passes by quickly. As a result of this momentous occasion, we will be planning some events later this month.

* PvP Tournament #3

The next Dominating Twins PvP Tournament is currently being planned and may be held either tomorrow (June 17, 2006) before War of Emperium or June 24, 2006, before War of Emperium. Please cast your votes for which day the tournament should be held; you may cast your vote in this thread: PvP tournament 3 time

Saturday, June 17, 2006


* Thanks to everyone who showed up for War of Emperium today. Although in the end, while we did lose our castle, we did well overall. Also, much appreciation goes to our allies, Astral Disorder, « Knights of Æsir », and Thugline for their assistance.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


* <GM>HalfDemon has finally posted the rules on the upcoming Quality Ragnarok Online GvG Tournamnet 2006, scheduled to take place on the first half of July 2006:

Quality Ragnarok Online Guild versus Guild Tournament 2006!

All matches will be filmed and published for viewing to others after the GvG event week is over. No delays this time.

This thread will be updated once in a while so be sure to look in frequently.


1. You cannot bring any sp/hp recovery items including healing scrolls.
- On the beggining the guild master or someone replacing him will get from the GM team:
  • 200 Mastelas
  • 100 honeys
  • 20 slim white pots
- The number of pots you get does not change depending on guildie number.
- You will have maximum 10 minutes time to split the items inbetween the guild and get ready when on the arena.
2. No bug abusing. [Ban]
3. No ressurection. [Once you die you will respawn to your spawn point]
4. Maximum 24 guild mates. Minimum 15.
5. You must be ready 40 minutes before the match is started otherwise you'll be punished and disqualified.
6. Only guild leaders can register their guild.
7. You can only participate in one guild. Trying to push yourself in by switching between guilds will result in a jail time. Everything will be logged so the first guild you start in will be your guild for the event.
8. If there will be a massive crash or the server will disconnect it will be remade.
9. If the server will currently lag the server will be rebooted and match delayed by a couple minutes.
10. You must form two parties not more not less. They must be named so "Guild Name A" and "Guild Name B".
- Example "NME B" & "NME A".
- Of course everyone that will be fighting in the event must be inside one of the two parties.


Believe me it'll be something worth it and not available for others. Suprise for now.


The event will take place on the beggining of July first and second week. Times will be ajusted to fit the fighting guilds as much as it's possible.

How to register

Only the guild leader can register his guild. You can only register one guild. Registering sub guilds is not allowed. When you register post the exact guild name in here and the hour/day that would fit your guild most. (You can pick a day and hour between 1-16 July). Post the hour basing on server time (@time). If you resign from starting then you must do it 48 houres or more before the scheduled match otherwise the leader will be punished.

Source: Quality Ro Gvg Tournament 2006!

Perhaps this is a tournament that Dominating Twins should register for...? ;)


* Re-added the Knights of Valhalla to the Alliances & Friends list, as they are presently inactive, not disbanded.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


* Several members from Astral Disorder have left to form a new guild called Chaotic Resolve.


* Chaotic Resolve has been added the Alliances & Friends list.

* Updated Thugline's guild logo.

Thursday, July 6, 2006


* Because Thugline has been somewhat inactive as of late, guild alliance leaders and staff have recently agreed to temporary replace Thugline with Knights of Valhalla on the active alliance list. This is done until Thugline becomes more active again. Please note that Thugline is still considered our ally, so please take care not to attack Thugline members during War of Emperium.

* Congratulations goes to « Knights of Æsir », who was able to capture and hold the Lazrigees Castle in Prontera for last weekend's War of Emperium event.

* Molly, who was more known as DragoonArcher on qRO LR, recently passed away several days ago. She was well-known, active qRO community member who was known to many and is also the original founder of the Chrono-Cross guild. Although she was not a Dominating Twins member and not well known to our guild members, we give our condolences to her and her family. You may pay tribute to her in this thread on the qRO forums:

Molly Aka Dragoonarcher, Her farewell that she could not give...


* There have been slight color modifications to the website to induce a more interesting look.

* All of June's updates have been archived in the 2006 Update Archives.

Saturday, July 8, 2006


* The Guild Members list has been updated.

* The Quality Ragnarok Online banner has been updated.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


* The « Knights of Æsir » guild has disbanded. Most KoÆ members have rejoined into the Knights of Valhalla guild.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


* After a glorious partnership of three months, the Astral Disorder-Dominating Twins-Knights of Valhalla-Thugline has been ceased. The reasons for the cease of this alliance is because some of the guilds in the alliance have specified that they would like to focus on their own guild for the time-being. Please note that there is no "bad blood" between the former allied guilds, as they have all peacefully decided to end the alliance. We wish our former allied guilds well in the future.

* As a result of the termination of the alliance, Dominating Twins has made some changes in the guild. We have expelled most secondary characters in the guild, as well as several inactive guild members. We have shifted many of the secondary characters over to Mini_Twins, which is the sub-guild that has not had much activity in the past several months and was initially created to hold Dominating Twins' secondary characters. Mini_Twins will now see much more activity, as it will be leveled to extend the character number limit to hold more Dominating Twins' secondary members, as well as new, lower level members that join Dominating Twins. The Mini_Twins guild has officially been added to our alliances & friends list.

* As we no longer have any alliances, we are actively seeking alliances with other guilds to work with. If your guild on Quality Ragnarok Online [LR] is interested in working with Dominating Twins, please contact one of our staff members online. You may also contact us directly via e-mail.


* A new affiliate has been added, which is the new DominatingTwins: World of Warcraft Guild that is now active on the World of Warcraft Dentarg server. Be sure to check them out!

* Created a Mini Twins Guild Members section.

* The website layout has been updated further, for a more organized look.

Saturday, July 29, 2006


* It was another exciting War of Emperium today, in which up to 18 Dominating Twins members were able to show up for. We did capture some castles during today's War of Emperium, but we were unable to hold them in the end. However, we are becoming stronger with every WoE.

* In other news, the Kyne of Knights of Valhalla has announced that today's War of Emperium was the last War of Emperium for KoV. This is due to KoV's leader, Shadekat, is quitting qRO due to a extremely busy schedule in real life.


* Added a new screenshot to the Screenshots section.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


* The Dominating Twins and the Lunar Wolves guild have established an alliance!


* Access to Bio Labs is no longer readily available. All players (including donators) must do the Bio Research Center quest to gain access. A guide to that quest can be found here: Lighthalzen Quests


* Archived all of August 2006 updates to the 2006 Update Archive.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


* Many Dominating Twins members have been kicked due to inactivity. If you find yourself kicked and would like to re-join Dominating Twins, please contact any Dominating Twins member so that they may recruit you back into Dominating Twins.

* There are currently two Mini_Twins spots left for those that wish to join with their secondary characters.

* The Lunar Wolves' recently have setup a new forum for their guild. It can be accessed at this URL:


* Added the Main News button for easy access to the main news page.

* Updated the Guild Members page for both Dominating Twins and Mini_Twins.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006


* Dominating Twins has established an alliance with Kell Hounds, which consists of many veteran members from the former Astral Disorder.


* Archived all of August 2006 updates to the 2006 Update Archive.

* Updated Lunar Wolves' logo to the new logo.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


* Dominating Twins has established an alliance with the Deity guild.


* Ice Dungeon, Odin Dungeon, and Rachel Town have now been implemented. Keep in mind, however, that since these areas are new, monsters and item drops may not be implemented correctly and is subject to debugging.


* Implemented Version 3.0 for the Dominating Twins: Quality Ragnarok Online Guild website. Many changes have been made, including the separation of the news and home pages, a new user interface, addition of screenshot previews, text highlights, and more. The guild roster for Dominating Twins and Mini_Twins has also been updated. If there are any bugs with the new website interface or feel that something needs to be changed, feel free to contact Yoon Huh in-game or CKTurbo128 on the message board.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


* The Dominating Twins has succeeded in capturing it's fourth castle, this time in Payon! Congratulations to all who were present for yesterday's War of Emperium and making this possible. A special thanks goes to our allies, Deity, Kell Hounds, and Lunar Wolves, for assisting us during War of Emperium.

Since the guild will be awarded treasures daily this week, the Castles/Treasures thread on the message board will be updated daily. Guild members are welcome to request any guild treasures, but keep in mind that they are reserved for long-time and WoE participating members. To access the thread, you must be a registered member on the message board.

* Congratulations goes to Toninho & nellie, as well as OpiumSeller & Rikki, who got married earlier today in qRO. Screenshots from the marriage ceremony can be found in the Screenshots section.


* The Dominating Twins: Quality Ragnarok Online Guild website has a new URL. The new URL is:

The still works, but it is recommended not to use it, as it pop-ups are associated with that link. The original source URL also works:

* The About page has been updated.

* The Screenshots page has been updated.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006


* The Dominating Wolves, a half-merger guild between Dominating Twins and the former Lunar Wolves, was established on October 7, 2006. The guild is led by Kengirosumate, also known as Shinze, who was the leader of the late Lunar Wolves guild.

* Dominating Wolves has established an alliance with Fatal Chaos and Thugline guilds! Also, Dominating Twins has established an alliance with Fatal Chaos.

Because the Ragnarok Online alliance system only allows a maximum of three alliances, and since Dominating Twins and Dominating Wolves have more allies than this maximum, both Dominating Twins and Dominating Wolves members are not to attack Deity and Thugline members or their castles during War of Emperium, since Dominating Twins is not (in-game) allied with Thugline, and Dominating Wolves is not (in-game) allied with Deity.


* Added a Guild Members section for the new Dominating Wolves guild.

* Updated the Mini_Twins Guild Members section.

* Archived all of September 2006 updates to the 2006 Update Archive.