Tuesday, January 9, 2007


* Happy New Year, everyone! I hope everyone had a great holiday this past season. I apologize for the lack of updates within the last two months, I've been quite busy during that time. There have been many

* Due to the inactivity of KillerSmo, the Dominating Twins have elected a new leader, MoneyMakeR (aka phyxius), who is a long-time veteran of Dominating Twins. To reflect this change, the new Dominating Twins˛ guild has been established. We ask that all former Dominating Twins members transfer over to the new Dominating Twins˛ guild. If you would like to join the new DT˛, please either post in our forums or contact a DT˛ member online.

* With the creation of Dominating Twins˛ and the inactivity of KillerSmo, the original Dominating Twins and Mini_Twins guild have been set on inactive status (not disbanded) for the time-being.

* On December 29, 2006, the new Dominating Twins˛ was able to capture and hold a castle in Aldebaron! Congratulations to all who were there to make this possible!

* The Dominating Twins˛ and Rising_Shadows guilds have established an alliance!

* On January 6, 2007, the Dominating Wolves captured and held their very first castle, in Aldebaron! Congratulations go to Dominating Wolves for this feat.

* Dominating Wolves has it's own website! You can check it out at this link: http://www.dominatingwolves.co.nr/

* The Dead Branch Parties have changed to Saturdays, at 1:00 PM Central Time.


* A Guild Members page for the new Dominating Twins˛ has been made.

* Added two new screenshots to the Screenshots section.

* Streamlined the "Alliances / Friends" list to display current Dominating Twins alliances only.

* The About section has been updated.

* The Guild Members section has been slightly modified to show the current status of all Dominating Twins guilds.

* The Dominating Wolves Guild Member section has been removed, since there is already a Guild Member section over at the Dominating Wolves' website.

* Updated the current alliance information.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


* Dominating Twins˛ has successfully captured and held it's first castle of the new year in this weekend's War of Emperium! Although many DT˛ members were unable to make it for this War of Emperium, this feat was largely made possible, due to the close teamwork and patience between the DT˛ members that were online, as well as close coordination with our allies (especially DeityHyrulianKnight from Rising_Shadows). This marks the second time that Dominating Twins˛ has held a castle, since it's formation in December 2006.

The castle that DT˛ has captured is Honglou, and is located in Payon. Since we will be receiving treasures daily this week, DT˛ members and allies may request treasures from the "Castles/Treasures" thread on the forums. Please note that you must be registered and signed in to view and access the thread. Also, DT˛ members now have access to the Payon Guild Dungeons!

* An alliance between the Deity and Dominating Twins˛ guilds, as part of the continuation of the relationship that was originally established between the original Dominating Twins and Deity.

* Don't forget that Dominating Twins does have it's own TeamSpeak server! To get access to it, please check this thread:

Dominating Twins Official TeamSpeak Server


* Added a new screenshot to the Screenshots section.

* The About section has been updated.

* Updated the current alliance information.

Saturday, March 3, 2007


* Dominating Twins² has successfully captured and held another castle! This time it was Mingting, the northwestern castle at the Payon Castle Grounds. Unlike previous castle holds, DT² took the castle early on and held it all the way through the entire War of Emperium! Although there were several large attacks made by guilds like the Infamous, Last Twilight, Vendetta_Nation, etc., the castle did not fall at all. This was an remarkable achievement, in which everyone that was involved should be extremely proud of themselves. Personally, this was probably the most exciting WoE ever! Also, many thanks goes to our allies, Deity, who we have been working together for a long time.

As we will be receiving treasures daily this week, DT² and Deity members may request treasures from the "Castles/Treasures" thread on the forums. Please note that you must be registered and signed in to view and access the thread. Also, DT² members now have access to the Payon Guild Dungeons! Let's do our best todefend and hold down this castle for the next War of Emperium!

* The Dominating Twins² and Dominating Wolves are no longer allies. The alliance was disbanded due to constant feuding between the Dominating Twins² staff and the Dominating Wolves' leadership. Also, DT² no longer considers itself affilated with Dominating Wolves and will not be held responsible for DW's actions.

* The Dominating Twins² and Rising_Shadows are no longer allies. The leader of Rising_Shadow has decided to be independent for the time-being.

* The Dominating Twins² emblem has been changed to a new emblem: Dominating Twins²

* Yoon's Corner, our forum host, has undergone a massive transformation, as it has been updated to v3.0! With the latest update, it is no longer "Yoon's Corner," as the name has been changed to "Y-Corner." Here is a summary of what has changed:

As I'm sure you have all noticed by now, the forum has undergone a massive transformation. The forum has a new look, a couple of new features, as well as a new name! This massive change has been planned for quite some time, and it wasn't until now that I was able to complete the transformation!

First things first, the forum name, "Yoon's Corner," has changed to "Y-Corner." There are a few reasons why the forum name has been changed:

1.) Y-Corner will have a somewhat different outlook compared to the previous versions of Yoon's Corner.
2.) There are some significant changes compared to previous versions of Yoon's Corner.
3.) Y-Corner is a more neutral name compared Yoon's Corner.

In regards to the new forum style, the graphics were mostly inspired by the retail version of Windows Vista, as well as the menus from Final Fantasy VI. Hopefully, everyone will like the new look, as I spent some time into developing it.

If you do not like the new forum style, you can revert to the previous version (or other older styles) by selecting "Profile" -> "Modify Profile" -> "Select Skin" -> "Yoon's Corner (2006)". Please note that since this was a significant forum update, the older styles may have some unusual bugs or layout issues.



1.) Shop Feature: Now you can actually do something with that Zeny! Click on the Shop icon above to buy some weapons, armor, items, cards, etc. from the world of Ragnarok Online! At the moment, there is only a small selection of weapons, but I will be adding many more things into the shop as time goes by. I will explain more about this new feature in another thread later.
2.) Staff Now Have Ranks: A long requested feature, now the forum staff have their level ranks displayed just like everyone else!
3.) New Info Board: The new Info Board has a more organized, neat layout. Unfortunately, this new board does not display birthdays or calendar events. You must manually check the Calendar to check this information.
4.) New Guild Events Forum: A new sub forum for the Dominating Twins Guild Discussion section has been created. This section will host all threads about past, current, and future DT guild events.
5.) Increased Avatar Size Limit: The maxium avatar size has been increased to 200x200.


1.) HP, SP, and the Level Bar has been removed from the Mini-Profiles. This is due to a code incompatibility between the new "Shop" feature the "RPG" feature.
2.) Alignment, Praise, and Slap have reverted to the default Karma, Exalt, and Smite phrases. This is due to a formatting bug with the new "Shop" feature. This may or may not be fixed.
3.) Staff and member names are no longer bolded. This is because you now have to "purchase" this feature from the Shop. Visit the Shop and buy the "Username Bold" feature, which is only 100 zeny.
4.) The Quotes feature (the quote underneath avatars, not the quoting function in the threads) is no longer available. This is because the Shop feature uses that line to store all your store data in that line. It will briefly show gibberish and then vanish once the page is completely loaded. The gibberish text will show in the Preview Message, however.

There may also be some forum bugs with this new version. If you find a bug, please report it to me so that I can try to fix it. Feel free to give some feedbacks (if love it/like it/hate it, give a reason why) here about the new forum version.

Be sure to check out Y-Corner to view all the neat changes!


* Added a new screenshot to the Screenshots section.

* The About section has been updated.

* The Dominating Twins² Guild Members section has been updated.

* Updated the current alliance information.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Tournament Results

* The Dominating Twins: Two-Year Anniversary Event Day was held on June 9, as scheduled. All events were very popular and successful. The champion of this year's tournament was MunkyBeast, with Decker as the runner-up. Congratulations to both!

* The Dominating Twins² successfully captured and held Bright Arbor castle in Payon! It was an exciting War of Emperium, it appeared that the Final Heaven guild seemingly was going to keep the castle. However, with luck (and help from server disconnects), Dominating Twins² were able to capture the castle by the end of WoE! Thanks to everyone there that made it possible!

* Yoon Huh has announced that he will be retiring from Dominating Twins² and Ragnarok Online altogether, so that he can continue on with his own busy life.

* MoneyMakeR has announced that he will be retiring from Dominating Twins² leadership and Ragnarok Online altogether.

* With the loss of two prominent Dominating Twins veterans, it was decided that the Dominating Twins' guilds were to be retired. After two years, the Dominating Twins era came to an end. However, in it's place, Rarhu (aka MoneyMakeR) has formed the Forgotten guild, which will continue the spirit and traditions of the former Dominating Twins guilds.