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Thursday, May 22, 2008


* CSS-style drop bars have been implemented in the top navigation bar. This should make it easier to navigate around the site. If the navigation bar appears messed up for you, that means that you are using an outdated web browser! Please update to the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Opera, or whatever web browser you are using.

* Update Archives section has been removed, as the new navigation bar makes this section unnecessary.

Friday, May 16, 2008


* Hello everyone! After nearly over a year without updates, the Dominating Twins: Quality Ragnarok Online Guild website has been updated to reflect it's current status. As you probably already know, Dominating Twins was officially retired last June, after Yoon Huh and phyxius departed from the guild, for personal reasons. The Forgotten was then established by well-known DT member, Demon, who continues to lead the guild to this day. With qRO's demise in September 2007, the Forgotten is now on the LegacyRO server (where most of the qRO refugees fled after qRO's demise) dead, where the guild is still quite active as of late.

* Dominating Twins is reborn! Well..., not quite. Yahoo has re-created the Dominating Twins guild on the LegacyRO server. The guild will act as a secondary guild for the Forgotten guild. Guild news relating to the Forgotten can be found on the forums in the Forgotten Guild Discussion section.


* Despite this late update, do not expect many updates to this website in the near future, as the Dominating Twins: Quality Ragnarok Online Guild website has now entered archive status.

* This website has a new URL, which is The forums also has a new URL, which is Please update your links.

* The Home section has been updated.

* The About section has been updated.

* Various updates and website bugs have been fixed.